Areas of  expertise

  • We provide assistance tailored to any and all scientific communications, including but not limited to IND and regulatory submissions, IACUC applications, peer-reviewed manuscripts, conference abstracts, poster and Power Point presentations.

  • We will work closely with our clients or independently as needed to produce a high-quality product within the client's time-frame.

experimental design

anatomic Pathology

medical writing

A veteran-owned and operated Small Business … a company whose mission is to "Translate Regenerative Medicine Product Concepts to Patient Care".


IPC provides a comprehensive range of pathology services that are performed by contract ACVP certified veterinary pathologists and supported by professional technical  staff with multiple years of experience in the evaluation of animal tissues conducted under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), 21 CFR Part 58; ISO-10993 Guidelines. These services include but are not limited to necropsy support that is tailored to the requirements in accordance with study protocol and standard operating procedures established by the client's CRO, tissue sampling, anatomic pathology report preparation (macroscopic and microscopic) and digital photography documentation support.  

Our highly experienced team of regenerative medicine scientists will provide consultation during the design of study protocols in accordance with IACUC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory requirements under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations for Nonclinical Laboratory Studies, 21 CFR Part 58.


  • Trachea
  • Lung


  • Subdermal Implants

  • ​Radiation Therapy

  • ​Burn Injury


  • Esophagus
  • Small & Largel Bowel​
  • Natural and Synthetic Biomaterial 
  • Scaffolding
  • A reliable, convenient and cost-effective R&D service through a network of associated labs and CRO’s, including project plan, cost proposal and time-lines.

  • Study management: Manage every aspect and step of your project through the entire project life cycle, monitoring and measuring performance, providing regular updates, and proactively identifying and resolving any technical issues.

  • Ensure the delivery of quality results  on time and on budget.

  • Customers (you) can be released from the non-core activities and fully exploit their expertise and scarce resources on generating innovative ideas.


  • Urinary Diversions &

  • Ureteral Stens

  • Urethral Stents

  • Renal-Cell Based Therapies


  • Coronary (biodegradable) Stents

  • Ablation Therapy

  • Myocardium-Cell based Therapy

  • Prosthetic Valves

  • Peripheral Grafts

  • Embolic Devices